Friday, April 24th – ALL CLASSES

How’s that MG paper going?  I’m loving the progress I’m seeing on everyone’s papers.  From papers that are polished and finalized to genuinely interesting ideas, we are getting this thing DONE.


  • Info on finalizing on Wednesday’s web posts.
  • 4th Quarter checklist on tab above if you are working on catching up.
  • New/Last Senior project info next week – so make an effort to work this paper this weekend, so you don’t feel overwhelmed.
  • As always, reach out if you have questions.  Virtual Office Hours again next week Tuesday & Thursday from 10a – 12p.  (Maybe an extra on Wednesday – I’ll see if it’s needed.)


The recent survey sent out has revealed that some of you are interested in a book club.  Here’s the plan.

  1. Book selection:  The Poet X by Elizabeth Acevedo.  This is a novel in verse so it won’t take us long (and we only have 3 weeks).  It’s a quick read with real-feel characters.  (It is a book we read in Multi-cultural Lit last semester, so a couple of you have read it there and a couple of people have read it on their own.)  Also, I have copies of this book.
  2. Email me NO LATER THAN MONDAY 4/27 if you want to join in (again completely optional). AND send me your local address.
  3. We will start on Tuesday 4/28 – so either let me know you will purchase the ebook online (or see if you can check it out of the library) or let me know you need a book.
  4. I have several of these in my classroom at school that you can borrow.  They have not been touched since we left the school.  If you need a book, I will wear gloves, put each book needed in it’s own plastic bag, and deliver it to your door – NO CONTACT.  (If you are working from out of town, I won’t deliver.)
  5. Then, we’ll set a schedule with a couple of target dates and a couple of zoom call times.
  6. Again, this is for connection, this is for community, this is for reading great YA Lit and finding a reason to think and talk with peers.  JOIN US!

BOOK RETURN INFO:  Mr. Depew is still working on a plan for locker clean-out, textbook return, etc., however, if you have classroom library books that you are finished reading, and you would like to go ahead and return them, you can stop by the high school office between 7:30am – 11am Monday – Wednesday and drop them off.  There is a crate labeled CONNOLLY under the teacher mailboxes in the office mail room.  It is also okay to return them later at the textbook return.


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