Optional Xtras for Writers Who Want to Advance Their “Game” – 4/23/2020

Today’s focus pulls from brain science.  Check out the article attached here How to Hijack Emotion

If you’d like to see this concept in action, do the following:

  1. Read this student written example (from an actual paper about body image) Read This One First
  2. Take a second to jot down your thoughts about the writing
  3. Then read this student written example (same topic different student) Read This Last
  4. Then jot down your response to the second piece

Of course, we know writing is dependent upon audience, genre, and context.  But if you note your own emotional reaction, you can feel the difference in these approaches.  Does this make one better than the other? Is one more manipulative?  There are no “right” answers to these questions, but they offer us something to think about and as writers, something to try.

I’ve put together a set of slides that offer suggestions to improve reader engagement.  Check them out below.

Reader Engagement


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