English 8 – Monday, April 27th

IMPT:  Today is the last day to let Mrs. C know if you want to participate in the optional BOOK CLUB.  We will be reading The Poet X and I will safely deliver copies of the book to your GC address tomorrow if you need one.  There are NO tests, NO quizzes, NO summaries, NO papers to write.  JUST reading a book and getting together once a week on zoom to discuss with other interested readers.  If you want to join, send me an email with your address for delivery.

*All future book club business will just be done by group email.

Quickwrite #27:  We’ve been pretty focused on screens lately – from Netflix to social media to school work to the news.  Might be good to use a pen and paper and get back to that notebook.  Today, just write about what’s going on with you.  How are you doing?  What’s the shelter-in-place been like?  How has your schedule changed?  Etc.  You can title it APRIL 2020.

DEADLINE:  One week from today, I need your FINALMG.  Use this week to finish up, get feedback, ask questions, finalize (this means save as PDF* and fill out your checklist to correspond with your final copy), and make your Flipgrid presentation. Finalizing details on the April 22 post and videos w/ e8mg20 flipcode.

*If you only use Word Online and don’t have this capability, make sure it is ready to go and drop Mrs. C an email.  I’ll convert it for you.

VIRTUAL OFFICE HOURS:  Tuesday and Thursday from 10a – 12p as usual. “Hope to see you there!”

UPCOMING:  Details on the final senior project on Wednesday so watch for them (and work to finish up that Multi-genre so they don’t have to overlap too much).

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