Directions for MG Checklists

(You are NOT ready for the checklist until you have a complete draft)

  1. Open the MG Checklist in your Dropbox drafts folder using MSWord
  2. Enter the page numbers (from your complete MG draft – aka Mark#2) in each box with a p. to show which page Mrs. C will find that genre on (not all of the boxes will be filled because not all of the pieces are required)
  3. Type in your project’s title and explain your unifying element in the appropriate spaces
  4. Type in other genres you added and their corresponding pages in the “extra genres you create” section
  5. Choose save and return to Dropbox
  6. CHANGE the document name to LastnameMGChecklist when this is complete

*Watch a video that explains this process with a screencast by visiting Flipgrid e8mg20 (for English 8) and rcmg20 (for Rhet-Comp) It’s in the MG Overview section.

The target for this assignment is next week.  Just build onto Mark #1 when working toward Mark #2.  You don’t need two separate documents (you would just have to combine them later, anyway).  Once it’s Mark#2 length, just change the doc name.

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