Friday, April 17th – ALL CLASSES

PRIORITY:  Keep working the list of things to accomplish on Wednesday’s post titled “Confused?”

NEW: Today, I’m working on checklists* to help you make sure your MG project is complete.  I’ll be uploading them to your Dropbox drafts folders later in the day.  They will have instructions on how to fill them out plus the ideals you are aiming for and you will turn them in with your complete draft (hopefully) by the end of Monday 4/20.

*(Rhet-Comp students: be sure to choose the one for appropriate version you are working on – full version to keep a SWIC A or improve a grade / reduced to maintain your GCHS grade)

EARLIER THIS WEEK:  If you haven’t yet, help me plan what’s next by filling out a quick Google survey.  Try linking here or check the message sent out on Wednesday 4/15.

NOTE:  Skyward was updated this week to reflect work turned in – MGIdeas & MGDesigns – pages complete in MGMark#1 and whether you completed a booktalk in Flipgrid.  For Rhet-Comp students, I also updated MemBook shorts to reflect how many are complete in your folder.  Start getting these items checked off the list.

UPCOMING: Next week will mean opportunities to get feedback on your MG paper/project, info on presenting your MG, and announcements about reading & writing going forward. The following week will be the unveiling of your final projects (updates & changes to the Rhet-Comp memory book assignment and for English 8 the “Seniors Write!” portfolio).

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