Monday, April 20th – ALL CLASSES

So….while it wasn’t surprising, it was still disappointing to get the official word on Friday that we won’t return to the classroom this year.  I can’t pretend to know exactly what it is like for you, but know after years of teaching seniors, it also makes me sad to miss all the end of year activities, sports, and even classroom lessons I had planned for you.  I will continue to help you through your projects and encourage you to keep moving forward toward graduation.  That, at least, is still some kind of reality.  Consider yourself an online student and let’s do this.

A brief overview of what you have left in English class:  the MG project/paper (some of you are almost done) and then one remaining senior project (for rhet-comp it’s the memory book – and I have adapted it for digital and remote learning purposes – and for English 8 a “seniors write” project) and some choice reading and writing.  I’ll do my best to make your learning meaningful and make myself available for questions, comments, help, and just check-ins.  Now, for today.

UPDATE:  I have added a tab/page at the top of the website titled “Spring 2020 Project/Assignment Handouts & Schedules” and I put all the MG project handouts and info there in one easy spot, so you don’t have to keep chasing back for them.  As I assign the final senior project, I’ll add those handouts there as well.  For deadlines/targets – check this list.

NOTE ON MG MARK#2:  Mark#2 does not have to be a separate document than Mark#1! You can just continue working in the same document and then once it hits Mark#2 length, change the document name to reflect that (yes, I check them).  No need to make two and then later have to combine them.  Also, that reminds me, if you are a writer who is making all your genres separate documents, you WILL have to combine them into one.  (You’ll get really familiar with copy/paste and adding page breaks).

PRIORITY:  Keep working the list of things to accomplish. I added a page for this as well. Check the tab at top for “4th Quarter Checklists” where I’ll keep updating what gets turned in and when.

NEW (last Friday):   Checklists* to help you make sure your MG project is complete.  I uploaded these to your Dropbox drafts folders.  They will have instructions on how to fill them out plus the ideals you are aiming for and you will turn them in with your complete draft (hopefully) by the end of Monday 4/20.  There are also videos on Flipgrid (rcmg20 for Rhet-Comp & e8mg20 for English 8).

*(Rhet-Comp students: be sure to choose the one for appropriate version you are working on – full version to keep a SWIC A or improve a grade / reduced to maintain your GCHS grade)

LAST WEEK:  If you haven’t yet, help me plan what’s next by filling out a quick Google survey.  Try linking here or check the message sent out last Wednesday 4/15.

NOTE:  Skyward was updated last week to reflect work turned in – MGIdeas & MGDesigns – pages complete in MGMark#1 and whether you completed a booktalk in Flipgrid.  For Rhet-Comp students, I also updated MemBook shorts to reflect how many are complete in your folder.  Start getting these items checked off the list.

THIS WEEK: This week (if you are on target) is about feedback.

  1. Reach out to your WRITE CLUB and/or your trusted friends and/or Mrs. C to get some feedback.
  2. For this purpose, I’ll host an extra office hours slot on Wednesday as well as the normal Tuesday & Thursday (I’ll send an invite later in the week. The Tues/Thurs one is the same).
  3. Fill out the optional MGPre-Conference sheet to help you think through what your paper “does,” how it works, what it might lack.  While it is optional, it is also recommended (especially if you plan to seek out feedback from Mrs. C or others). These will be uploaded to your folders later and posted on the handouts tab above.
  4. I will also start a Mark#2 sharing space later today in your group Flipgrids – talk through papers there if you’d like (you can even use the new screencast feature).

UPCOMING:  Finalizing tips later this week, plus some optional lessons on making your writing more powerful.  You can turn in FINALMG anytime starting 4/22 (directions on Wednesday).  Next week I will reveal final project instructions (updates & changes to the Rhet-Comp memory book assignment and for English 8 the “Seniors Write!” portfolio) and reading and writing goals going forward.

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