Rhetoric & Comp – Monday, April 6th

IMPORTANT:  See today’s extra post titled BIG CHANGES! to see how it can make your school work easier (or more worth your time).

  1. Indie read – 15 to 20 🙂
  2. Quickwrite #38:  Using your MG topic as inspiration, let’s play with genre in our notebooks.  Create either a text conversation between two people (real or fictional) or a Top 10 list (with or without reasons) (if you run out of ideas for one genre, try the others).
  3. BIG CHANGES – See the separate posts and/or Flipgrid videos at flipcode rcmg20 (MGoverview section) to see how these changes benefit YOU!
  4. Keep writing.  It is ideal if you have 6 to 8 pages done by the end of today.  This 6 – 8 pages, to be clear, can be a variety of things adding up to 6 to 8 pages.  You can move, change, and rearrange it all later.  Just write it.  You are welcome to keep it all one document (that’s what I would do) or you could make several individual docs for now and combine them later if you want (that’s more work, but organize as you wish).
  5. UPDATED – Over the weekend, I noticed some outdated info on MG FAQs page – check it out for updates.  Click the tab at the top labeled “Multi-Genre FAQs” – for a question-answer format that might address or clarify questions you have about your project.
  6. “Ideals” sheet – this is NOT a rubric, but just a quick guide on what you might be going for in any of the “required” genres of your paper.  Check it out here: MG Ideals Rubric
  7. Don’t give up.  Keep working at whatever step you are on. You can still make up anything you are missing.


  • EXTENDED!!! Mark #1 is 6 to 8 total pages (your choice as to what that might include) – we’re going to push this due date to SUNDAY 4/5 MONDAY 4/6
  • If you are on-track or working ahead, your next target is to have a complete draft by MONDAY 4/13 (basically, you have a week to add on the rest).


  • Your MGIdeas & MGDesigns have some feedback – check it out by opening your doc in MSWord (I’ll be rechecking folders for progress today)
  • VIRTUAL OFFICE HOURS again this week Tuesday & Thursday from 10 – 12.  It was so good to see some of you this week!  Stop by to ask questions, get feedback, or just check-in. 🙂 (Use the same invite in your email last week – if you need a new one, let me know)
  • BookTalk! There are some good ones posted (and I’m about to check who has booktalked to show complete in Skyward)
  • A total of 4 Memory Book one-pagers should be in a sub-folder in your Dropbox submissions folder.  (These are just hanging out waiting for Memory Book work in May. But if you haven’t written them, this would be a great time to do so.)  The Skyward checkmark is if you have ALL four in your SUBMISSIONS folder.

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