Rhetoric & Comp – Friday, April 3rd

DUE DATES:  If you are looking strictly at the MG Schedule, you’ll see we are a day or two behind and that is okay.  Just check the website deadlines for when things are actually due – I’ve been building in extra time to let you get online feedback from each other in Flipgrid and to leave time for questions via email and such.

  1. Indie read – make some time for reading this weekend
  2. It’s time to start writing.  Where will you begin?  That is up to you.  You will need from 6 to 8 pages (not counting your title page) complete.  You might start with your research piece – or maybe poetry – or dear reader – or even extra genres that you have in mind (use your notebook for inspiration here – you might have something recent worth developing further).  This 6 – 8 pages, to be clear, can be a variety of things adding up to 6 to 8 pages.  You can move, change, and rearrange it all later.  Just write it.  You are welcome to keep it all one document (that’s what I would do) or you could make several individual docs for now and combine them later if you want (that’s more work, but organize as you wish).
  3. ANOTHER PLACE FOR HELP on the MG:  click the tab at the top labeled “Multi-Genre FAQs” – you’ll find a question-answer format that might address or clarify questions you have about this project.
  4. Don’t give up.  Keep working at whatever step you are on. You can still make up anything you are missing.


  • EXTENDED!!! Mark #1 is 6 to 8 total pages (your choice as to what that might include) – we’re going to push this due date to SUNDAY 4/5 MONDAY 4/6


  • Your MGIdeas & MGDesigns have some feedback – check it out by opening your doc in MSWord
  • VIRTUAL OFFICE HOURS again next week Tuesday & Thursday from 10 – 12.  It was so good to see some of you this week!  Stop by to ask questions, get feedback, or just check-in. 🙂 (Use the same invite in your email last week)
  • BookTalk! There are some good ones posted (and I’m about to check who has booktalked to show complete in Skyward)
  • A total of 4 Memory Book one-pagers should be in a sub-folder in your Dropbox submissions folder.  (These are just hanging out waiting for Memory Book work in May. But if you haven’t written them, this would be a great time to do so.)  The Skyward checkmark is if you have ALL four in your SUBMISSIONS folder.

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