IMPT Update: MGIdeas & Designs – ALL CLASSES

Wow… Has it been a long day.  But a rewarding one.  You all have SOOO many cool and interesting topics going on for this project!!  Anyway, I have been back through EVERYONE’S folders at some point today and I gave feedback to MGIdeas & MGDesigns that you have been working on.  Check it out by opening your doc in MSWord and hitting the review tab to show comments.  I also updated the checkmark grades in Skyward to show what you have completed.

If you are not caught up or just slow to start, IT IS NOT TOO LATE!!!  Begin at the beginning and start turning work in.  I need you to know that “grades can’t count against you” is NOT the same as “it’s okay to do zero work.”  You need to show you are moving forward or you run the risk of an incomplete.  Course credit can’t be given for course work that is not even attempted.  (The “not count against you” is to acknowledge that it’s harder to learn on your own like this and that shouldn’t be intimidating.  The semester is NOT over.)  If you have questions or want this clarified, please email.  There is a lot of conflicting info out there.  (P.S.  You might not need that elective credit, but you NEED your English class.  Help me help you.

Mrs. C = )

TROUBLESHOOTING:  If you made a folder for your work – MULTI-GENRE 2020 (and MEMORY BOOK SHORTS for Rhet-Comp), but you didn’t put that folder inside the Drafts (and submissions, respectively) folder, I can’t see it.  Move it inside a folder we share, so I can access and give credit for your work. Thanks!

RHET-COMP only:  I also put up a checkmark to indicate whether you submitted your Memory Book shorts.  We have been working on these since January & they were due March 15 (before we were out for COVID-19). Right now your score is all or nothing.


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