English 8 – Friday, March 27th

NOTE:  Over the weekend, I will be checking to see who has posted updates & MGIdeas in Flipgrid, who has MGIdeas in Dropbox, and who has completed the survey. These will appear in Skyward as completed or not – so we can at least keep track of what you have accomplished.  If you have questions or need help in completing this work, please reach out.

  1. Indie read – the usual 15 to 20 (at least) all weekend long
  2. Quickwrite* #22:  Using one of your MG topic possibilities as inspiration, let’s play with genre in our notebooks.  Create either a greeting card or a comic (doesn’t matter if you “can’t draw”) or a series of haikus (poems written in 3 lines with 5 – 7- 5 format;Google Haiku if you are unfamiliar) (if you run out of ideas for one genre, try the others).  *Keep in mind for Quickwrites in class, I give you 3 to 4 minutes ON A TIMER to write.  Feel free to use your phone or a clock or the microwave timer or whatever to time yourself and keep the writing moving.
  3. Do any things you have not yet done from the previous days.  (Make the Hamlet group survey a priority please – I need to hear back from everyone.  Text/Msg your friends/classmates/WC peeps.)
  4. NEXT UP:  narrowing your focus to ONE topic and generating pieces of writing.


  • BY END OF TODAY 3/17 – TAKE the “Distance Learning Survey” via Google
  • YESTERDAY 3/26 – Sometime today (if you haven’t already) reconnect with your WRITE CLUB by adding a video to the topic “How are you?..Really”
  • YESTERDAY 3/26 – Idea Exploration (LastnameMGIdeas.docx – there’s a template for it in your Dropbox drafts folder) 3 – 5 ideas.
  • EXTENDED!! TODAY FRIDAY 3/27 – Share w/ your WRITE CLUB via Flipgrid these ideas – talk them through – you’ll find a topic for this in your group Flipgrid.
  • END OF DAY SUNDAY 3/29 – Watch your group members’ videos and respond to them with your thoughts and opinions (I’ll be doing this too).

Reminders:   BookTalk!


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