Rhetoric & Comp – Wednesday, March 25th

IMPT:  Due to technical problems (YouTube is just impossible right now) you’ll notice some of the stuff for today is repeated from yesterday.  We’ll have to backtrack just a little.

ALSO:  I updated the MG Components slides (These are better, so if you downloaded or printed yesterday, maybe take a look to see how these are improved).  IF this is your first go round – you are all good.

  1. Indie read (you know you it)
  2. Quickwrite* #33:  Using one of your MG topic possibilities as inspiration, let’s play with genre in our notebooks.  Write either a list or a dialogue (if you run out of ideas for one genre, try the other).  *Keep in mind for Quickwrites in class, I give you 3 to 4 minutes ON A TIMER to write.  Feel free to use your phone or a clock or the microwave timer or whatever to time yourself and keep the writing moving.
  3. Watch the MG Videos #1 – 8 that go over the components for your MG.  You’ll find them in Flipgrid – code rcmg20 under the MG Overview & Schedule topic (total time is less than 20 minutes, but I tried for over 11 hours to upload to YouTube before deciding to break it down and put it here). Download, print, or read the pdf here: MG Components slides (note: this version does NOT have examples and the videos DO – so please watch them).
  4. Use the new WRITE CLUB Flipcodes!! to check-in with your WRITE CLUB sometime TODAY or so.  See the post below “WRITE CLUB via Flipgrid” for details & check your school email for codes.


  • TODAY 3/25 – Sometime today (if you haven’t already) reconnect with your WRITE CLUB by adding a video to the topic “How are you? …Really”
  • END OF DAY TODAY 3/25 – Idea Exploration (LastnameMGIdeas.docx – there’s a template for it in your Dropbox drafts folder) 3 – 5 ideas.
  • BY NOON (12pm)TOMORROW 3/26 – Share w/ your WRITE CLUB via Flipgrid these ideas – talk them through – I’ll add a topic for this in just a bit.
  • END OF DAY TOMORROW 3/26 – Watch your group members’ videos and respond to them with your thoughts and opinions (I’ll be doing this too).


  • BookTalk!
  • Google survey about Hamlet group paper experience (This was sent out MONDAY!! – check the webpost for the link)
  • A total of 4 Memory Book one-pagers should be in a sub-folder in your Dropbox submissions folder.  (These are just hanging out waiting for Memory Book work in May. But if you haven’t written them, this would be a great time to do so.)

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