English 8 – Wednesday, March 25th

  1. Indie read (you know you ❤ it)
  2. Quickwrite* #20:  Using one of your MG topic possibilities as inspiration, let’s play with genre in our notebooks.  Write either a list or a dialogue (if you run out of ideas for one genre, try the other).  *Keep in mind for Quickwrites in class, I give you 3 to 4 minutes ON A TIMER to write.  Feel free to use your phone or a clock or the microwave timer or whatever to time yourself and keep the writing moving.
  3. Watch the MG Videos #1 – 8 that go over the components for your MG.  You’ll find them in Flipgrid – code e8mg20 under the MG Overview & Schedule topic (total time is less than 20 minutes, but I tried for over 11 hours to upload to YouTube before deciding to break it down and put it here). Download, print, or read the pdf here: MG Components slides (note: this version does NOT have examples and the videos DO – so please watch them).
  4. Here’s the handout with other genre ideas: genre ideas page
  5. Use the new WRITE CLUB Flipcodes!! to check-in with your WRITE CLUB sometime TODAY or so.  See the post below “WRITE CLUB via Flipgrid” for details & check your school email for codes.


EXPLORING IDEAS:  You will bring to WRITE CLUB (submit-via-DropBox) 3 – 5 ideas (number them) you might pursue in a multi-genre project, explaining why these ideas interest you (these can be as weird & abstract as you wish).  Check out the MGIE Template 2020 that you can use to easily format your work (and to know what you might include).  You can download the template above or find a copy already in your Drafts folder (IF you don’t have one, send me an email and I’ll fix that). due end of day Thurs. 3/26


  • TODAY 3/25 – Sometime today (if you haven’t already) reconnect with your WRITE CLUB by adding a video to the topic “How are you?..Really”
  • END OF DAY TOMORROW 3/26 – Idea Exploration (LastnameMGIdeas.docx – there’s a template for it in your Dropbox drafts folder) 3 – 5 ideas.
  • BY NOON (12pm) FRIDAY 3/27 – Share w/ your WRITE CLUB via Flipgrid these ideas – talk them through.
  • END OF DAY SUNDAY 3/29 – Watch your group members’ videos and respond to them with your thoughts and opinions (I’ll be doing this too).

Reminders:   BookTalk!

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