English 8 – Tuesday, March 24th

Today is about ideas for your multi-genre paper/project (henceforward MG) & reconnecting with your WRITE CLUB group.

  1. Indie read (you know it – spend 15 to 20 in your book).  Running out of things to read? Check the post from the top of the week on ideas for getting more book access.
  2. EXPLORING IDEAS:  You will bring to WRITE CLUB (submit-via-DropBox) 3 – 5 ideas (number them) you might pursue in a multi-genre project, explaining why these ideas interest you (these can be as weird & abstract as you wish).  Check out the MGIE Template 2020 that you can use to easily format your work (and to know what you might include).  You can download the template above or find a copy already in your Drafts folder (IF you don’t have one, send me an email and I’ll fix that).
  3. Use the new WRITE CLUB Flipcodes!! to check-in with your WRITE CLUB sometime in the next day or so.  See the above post for details & check your school email for codes.

Reminder: Don’t forget about your BookTalks!

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