Rhetoric & Comp – Tuesday, March 24th

NEW Update: Check the post for 3/25.  I ended up putting these on Flipgrid as multiple videos.

Update: I am STILL working on today’s YouTube video.  It is super taking forever  to upload.  It’s been working on it since 10:30am.  Hopefully, it will someday finish. – Mrs. C

Today is about ideas for your multi-genre paper/project (henceforward MG) & the components that go into your paper both “required” & by choice.

  1. Indie read (you know it – spend 15 to 20 in your book).  Running out of things to read? Check the post from the top of the week on ideas for getting more book access.
  2. Check the MG Project submission sheet (one of the pink handouts I gave out on our last day together).  The first item is the Idea Exploration.  You’ll name your doc “LastnameMGIdeas.docx” and put it in your draft folders by the end of today. (Use the MGIE Template already in your Dropbox drafts folder to know what to include and then rename appropriately.  IF you don’t have a template, send me a quick email and I’ll fix that.)
  3. Watch the YouTube video (I’ll add this here as soon as it uploads) that goes over the components for your MG.  Download, print, or read the pdf here: MG Components slides (note: this version does NOT have examples and the videos DO – so please watch them).
  4. Here’s the handout with other genre ideas: genre ideas page
  5. Use the new WRITE CLUB Flipcodes!! to check-in with your WRITE CLUB sometime in the next day or so.  See the above post for details & check your school email for codes.

Reminders & Deadlines:

  • Don’t forget about Booktalks!
  • If you haven’t yet, be sure to complete the Google survey about group work that was posted yesterday.  (At this point, I have about half of these…)
  • MG Idea Exploration (3 to 5 ideas with reasoning) due sometime tomorrow 3/25 in Dropbox (and on Flipgrid – more details to follow).


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