Rhetoric & Comp – Monday, March 23rd

OK.  Week 2:  Here we go.  If you haven’t started much of anything yet, thinking “this will just be a week or two and I’ll catch up when we go back,” you should probably rethink that and work on getting caught up.  Now that distance learning is through at least April 7th (and I can’t make any guarantees beyond that), it’s time to get started if you’ve been avoiding it.  And if you are caught up on the day-to-day, congratulations.  It’s good to keep a sense of routine and normalcy.

  1.  Indie read (as usual 15 to 20 minutes)
  2. Now that Hamlet papers should be submitted appropriately (check the submission sheets if needed), I’ve got questions for you.  Fill out this Google survey – https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeKpKKF6t3YilsgHKTflSLmEaYRkOADhfmrb8MP5-dP43nO7Q/viewform?usp=sf_link as today’s work.  Please be thorough – and know that only Mrs. C will read it.  Instructions at the top should explain how this works.
  3. EXPLORING IDEAS:  You will bring to WRITE CLUB (submit-via-DropBox) 3 – 5 ideas (number them) you might pursue in a multi-genre project, explaining why these ideas interest you (these can be as weird & abstract as you wish).  Check out the MGIE Template 2020 that you can use to easily format your work (and to know what you might include).  You can download the template above or find a copy already in your Drafts folder.
  4. Tomorrow, we will share ideas with WRITE CLUB members via our shared Drafts folders in Dropbox.

ALSO:  See the separate post on BookTalks below.

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