BOOK TALK Update & Where to Find Your Next Read – ALL CLASSES

Hey Seniors,

With even more time away from school now, be sure to work on your booktalk and post it to Flipgrid.  Watch a few others while you’re there! Note that with the stay-at-home orders, I realize some of you might not have your book for booktalk with you.  If you can’t add a read aloud section, no worries – it’s now optional.  Just give us the rest of the book talk.

I know the world is changing fast but there are still places you can access books. So far, Amazon still delivers (just a little slower) and has e-book options, audible is a good choice to listen to books on audio (and in this crisis time, some stories are being offered FREE – click here for more).  Also, the Granite City public libary aka Six Mile Regional Library District is allowing you to sign up for library cards online for FREE too.  While the physical buildings are currently closed, you can check out e-books for FREE through the library. Click Here:  to find out how. Escape the endless news cycle and the boredom of being trapped at home by diving into a good book or finding a new research “rabbit-hole.”

Can’t wait to see what you read next.  Please let me know if you have questions or need anything.

-Mrs. C = )

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