English 8 – Monday, March 23rd

OK.  Week 2:  Here we go.  If you haven’t started much of anything yet, thinking “this will just be a week or two and I’ll catch up when we go back,” you should probably rethink that and work on getting caught up.  Now that distance learning is through at least April 7th (and I can’t make any guarantees beyond that), it’s time to get started if you’ve been avoiding it.  And if you are caught up on the day-to-day, congratulations.  It’s good to keep a sense of routine and normalcy.

  1.  Indie read (as usual 15 to 20 minutes)
  2. Let’s start our thoughts on academic research by watching this quick video on how to think about research as a conversation.  Research Is a Conversation – Shafer Library
  3. Then, check out the slide show about how to conduct academic research attached here: CONDUCTING ACADEMIC RESEARCH (you are welcome to view, download, and/or print as needed).  To watch this slideshow with teacher commentary, here’s a link to a YouTube video you can watch.
  4. Continue thinking about topics you might like to research.  You’ll be compiling a list of possibilities tomorrow and sharing them later this week.

ALSO:  See the separate post on BookTalks below.

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