English 8 – Thursday, March 30th

Multi-Genre Project Sheet Overview

Quickwrites #26 & #27: Genre Experiment (2 of 3) – to-do/item list – OR – dialogue (real or imagined) – OR – dictionary-style definitions (your own) (slide w/ more details on GClassroom stream today)

STUDY/READ: “Crafting Narrative” excerpts by Tom Romano from Fearless Writing (the whole chapter is available as material on GClassroom) & intro to flash fiction (additional info on flash fiction on GClassroom as well)

WRITE TIME ⏰for work on your flash fiction

ASSIGN: Write your flash fiction in a Word doc in your Dropbox drafts folder. Somehow, it should be connected or related to the topic you chose for your research argument (the one that was due yesterday). No more than 500 words. Reminders that stories have a little exposition, rising action, some climactic point, and then either resolve or leave us unsettled – cliffhanger. Name the doc something that indicates it is your flash fiction.


  • MG Project Mark #1 due in-class Tuesday 4/11 – Mark #1 includes your 2-3 p research argument (was due 3/28), flash fiction (no more than 500 words – in-class 3/30), photo essay (will do tomorrow 3/31) & 1 additional piece of your choosing.
  • FULL MG Project due no later than end of day 4//19

PAST DUE: Draft #5 – Research Argument due in Dropbox was due 3/28

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