Rhetoric & Comp – Wednesday, March 29th

Student Book Talk & Indie Read

Quickwrites #34 & #35: Genre Experiment (2 of 3) – comic/storyboard – OR – haikus – OR – how-to instructions

WRITE CLUB – Share your Research Design / Talk about topics & ideas

ASSIGNMENT: Formalize your annotated bib into a typed version with a real works cited entry and an annotation (specific instructions on slides posted in GClassroom)


  • Annotated Bibliography (formal-ish) due in Dropbox by end of day 3/30
  • Memory Book Short (4th/final) due anytime between 3/19 & 4/1
  • Spring Book Talk – 3/28 – 5/11 (sign up in room 251)


  • Research Design due as notebook pages in class Wednesday 3/29
  • Idea Exploration due in Dropbox & Flipgrid was due Sunday 3/26

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