Rhetoric & Comp – Tuesday, February 22nd

Quickwrite #21: Indie short film “Umbrella” – your thoughts

STUDY:  Thinking about Marx and how economic theory operates, take a closer look with Crash Course Sociology

REVISIT – Quickwrite #21 – Rewatch “Umbrella” & add some thoughts on how class or economics play a role or are part of the theoretical commentary of this piece.

VIDEO EXTRA:  Chrystia Freeland “The Rise of the New Global Super-rich”  TEd talk – note that it’s from 2013 but still relevant in so many ways.


  • PAST DUE – Memory Book Short (2nd submission)
  • Next BOOK CLUB target Thursday 2/24 – read & create Notebook Page #2
  • Memory Book Short (3rd submission – any chapter you haven’t written) is due no later than end of day Sunday 3/6

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