English 8 – Tuesday, February 22nd

Book Talk & Indie Read.

Notebook Work:

  • Hotspot: In a previous QW, find a “hotspot” – a space with energy or that you really like for whatever reason – and mark it. Then, use it (on the same page) to start something NEW. See where it goes.
  • Last Line: Underline (and reread) the last line in ALL your QWs. Then choose just one and on the same page, use it as a starting place. See where it takes you.
  • Quick Revise: Choose any QW (except the two you used for hotspot & last line) and then take a couple of mintues to quick revise. Cut a few unneeded words, find a couple that could be better and improve them, draw arrows if you need to rearrange, add detail where you left it out, etc. Add on.

PAST-DUE/UPCOMING: DRAFT #3 (photo memoir/essay) was due in Dropbox yesterday…. we’ll read them in WRITE CLUB on Thursday 2/24.

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