Rhetoric & Comp – Monday, January 24th

Book Talk x 3 & Indie Read w/ Rate calculation. Set an individualized reading goal for this book & then make an effort to read 2 hours per week (this includes the time we read in class).

Quickwrite #14: Table Topics ?s about your independent read

NEW ASSIGNMENT REMINDER: Memory book short* (your 1st of 4 is due no later than Friday 2/4). Be sure to check the directions on what it is, how to turn it in, etc. on the memory book assignment sheet (available on GClassroom & the memory book tab above). *Heads up that we will be writing another paper next week, so you might want to get a jump on it and it’s okay to work ahead on these if you’d like.

PAST DUE: If you are behind on any of your 4 part notes pages in your notebook, catch those up. We’ll be building on them as we draft our first piece for class this semester.

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