English 8 – Monday, January 24th

Book Talk x 3 & Indie Read w/ Rate calculation. Set an individualized reading goal for this book & then make an effort to read 2 hours per week (this includes the time we read in class).

Recap of what we did while remote and how to best get caught up if you’ve fallen behind.

  • Fri. 1/7 – QW#3 “Why Grades Shouldn’t Exist”
  • Mon. 1/10 – Dropbox Sign-Up & Share (see Mrs. C if you haven’t yet done this!)
  • Tues. 1/11 – QW#4 How you doin’? Intro to Writing #1 (letter to Mrs. C)
  • Wed. 1/12 – What is Essay? (read the examples on GClassroom)
  • Thur. 1/13 – QW#5 Indelible moment / talk & notes about essay
  • Fri. 1/14 – Padlet sign-up & post your reading update (every Friday)
  • Mon. 1/17 – WRITING #1 was due in Dropbox!! (You can still complete this!!)
  • Tues. 1/18 – QW#6 Body Parts / notes on “truths about writing”
  • Wed. 1/19 – One on one check-ins
  • Thur. 1/20 – Read Like a Writer intro & QW#7 “Cruel As It Is, We Somehow Go On” notices
  • Fri. 1/21 – QW#8 Emotional States

Find all the details by looking back at each individual day (and cross-referencing the GClassroom when needed).

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