Rhetoric & Comp – Thursday, January 20th

Book Talk & Indie Read.

Quickwrite/Notebook #12: “When the Fat Girl Gets Skinny” by Blythe Baird (poem)* – 4 part notes & citations practice – Try a new order today: start with a big question/concern, then “they say,” “I say” and end with a pulled quote.

Note: Cite internally to stay consistent with how you will show the source in works cited. This means if you list the piece as a video, you need timestamps & if you cite it as a written poem (in a source or as a pdf) you need line #s. Ex. (Author lines #-#). See Purdue OWL on how to cite a YouTube video.

ASSIGNMENT/DEADLINE: QW/NB #12 +1 – read an additional poem (available on GClassroom along with transcripts) and complete your own 4 part notepage adding citations when needed + constructing a works cited entry due in your notebook no later than end of day Sunday 1/23

*All the pieces we are reading and taking notes/practicing citing are building to the first paper we will write in a couple of weeks. They will become source options for the paper we’ll write, so don’t neglect them as unimportant.

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