English 8 – Thursday, January 20th

Book Talk & Indie Read.

Read Like a Writer (RLaW) introduction. Take a look at the slides on GClassroom (I’ll share physical copies when we return in-person).

Quickwrite #7: Read the piece “Cruel As It Is, We Somehow Go On” by Leonard Pitts, Jr. and make notes of what RLaW notices you make. You may notice things like intentional repetition, great word choice, imagery, etc. See the annotated example to help guide you.

PASTDUE: Writing #1 – letter to Mrs. C was due Monday 1/17 in DROPBOX (note – you can ALWAYS turn in overdue work – get to it!)

IMPORTANT: If you have not successfully created and/or shared Dropbox folders, contact Mrs. C for assistance. I can help you one on one during Warrior Time. This is NOT optional.

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