Rhetoric & Comp – Friday, January 7th

Welcome to the remote pause or whatever. We can do this.

Indie Read with a padlet check-in for the new semester. (Link on the right [or scroll down on a phone] and use the new code for this semester.)

Quickwrite #4: Losing Ourselves – watch the first 7 minutes of this documentary and then write whatever strikes you (just parts 1 & 2)

DEADLINE/ASSIGNMENT: Watch the MLA Citations Basics video & create a notepage. THIS IS IMPORTANT!! Get it right early so we don’t have to hassle with citation forms all semester. (Seriously, the video is only 12 minutes long). Find the video & the slides as an assignment in GClassroom. Notepage by end of day Sunday 1/9.

UPCOMING: Next week we’ll start reading critically; practicing citations, quoting, paraphrasing, integrating; and taking semi-structured notes to discover our thinking.

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