English 8 – Friday, January 7th

Welcome to the remote pause or whatever. We can do this.

VIDEO: Check out some thoughts on reading with John Green in the video below. Then read for 10 minutes in your book you’ve chosen (Indie Read).

Quickwrite #3: “Why Grades Shouldn’t Exist” – Alfie Kohn – Watch the video below where scholar and writer Alfie Kohn talks about the real impact of grading in the US education system. Then write your own thoughts or connections – 4 minutes.

Quick review of the course syllabus with emphasis on the sections “Almost Gradeless” and “Statement on Language Use.” Check out the details below, on GClassroom (listed as material under classwork), or at the SYLLABI tab above.

TO-DO: Read something awesome. Make it your goal to read 30 minutes this weekend. You got this.

UPCOMING: Next week we’ll do more set-up by creating Dropbox folders, Padlet accounts, and just getting used to a reading-writing routine. See you in Zoom on Monday!

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