Rhetoric & Comp – Tuesday, May 4th / Thursday, May 6th

WRITE: Quickwrite #29 – What’s Your Biggest Regret?

MEMORY BOOK WORK TIME: Use class time to work & ask questions if needed. Quick tips: please proofread & use paragraphs when ideas shift (specifically in the shorts) – explore different genres in your focus pages (they shouldn’t all be the same style) – follow the directions on the last page of the assignment sheet to be sure to arrange your folder & name your pieces correctly.

NEW: I’ve added important details & an FAQ list to the DIGITAL MB tab at the top of the site. I’ll add Q & A as they become relevant. AND check out the video on GClassroom that shows and talks you through what your Memory Book folder should look like in Dropbox.

DEADLINES/REMINDERS: Final Digital Memory Book due no later than end of day Sunday 5/9 in Dropbox Submissions folder. IF you are completing a physical book, email Mrs. C to make arrangements for turning in (promise you’ll get it back).

NEXT WEEK: Portfolio construction & reflection, notebook tours.

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