Rhetoric & Comp – Monday, May 3rd / Wednesday, May 5th

WRITE: Quickwrite #28 – How to Start a Movement by Derek Sivers

WRITE CLUB: Check out your group members’ presentations in Flipgrid. Leave them some reaction or response (remember it’s already final so keep it postitive but specific) by either video or text commenting in Flipgrid.

MEMORY BOOK WORK TIME: Use class time to work & ask questions if needed. Quick tips: please proofread & use paragraphs when ideas shift (specifically in the shorts) – explore different genres in your focus pages (they shouldn’t all be the same style) – follow the directions on the last page of the assignment sheet to be sure to arrange your folder & name your pieces correctly.

DEADLINES/REMINDERS: Final Digital Memory Book due no later than end of day Sunday 5/9 in Dropbox Submissions folder. IF you are completing a physical book, email Mrs. C to make arrangements for turning in (promise you’ll get it back).

*Senior Calendar for due dates for all the work remaining this semester (on last week’s GClassroom). Find the assignment sheets as a whole listed as material in GClassroom if you like to work ahead. (They will still be posted as assignments week to week.)

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