Rhetoric & Comp – Monday, April 26th / Wednesday, April 28th

**Did you sign up for a conferring time? If so, be sure to show up for your conference and “take me on a tour.” If not, use the links in GClassroom to get a spot on the calendar before times get all booked up.

WATCH: Check out the videos/slides on Finalizing your MG paper/project & on how to make it into a PDF (you MUST submit the final paper as a PDF). Find these on today’s GClassroom stream.

CONFERENCES/WORK TIME: The remainder of classtime today for work – writing, revising, rearranging, polishing, etc. – on your MG project.

DEADLINES/REMINDERS: Final MG Research Paper due no later than end of day Sunday 5/2 in Dropbox Submissions folder & presentation screenshare video due in Flipgrid.

UPCOMING: Senior calendar for May – stay organized. Get stuff done.

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