Rhetoric & Comp – Friday, April 23rd

OFFICE HOURS:  Stop in the zoom between 7:20 & 11:20 am (when you aren’t supposed to be in another call) if you have questions or need assistance. *A few students do have conferences set up for today, so if it takes a hot minute to be let in the zoom call, just be patient.

TO CHECK-IN:  Update the Padlet with your current reading (or lack thereof). Making time to read (even just a little) can be a HUGE stress reducer. THIS will count for attendance TODAY (must be complete before Monday to count for attendance).

TO-DO: Keep writing & designing your MG paper/project! Be innovative. Try new things. As Romano would say, be “emphatically implicit.” Be sure to sign up for your 1-to-1 conference time. (Link to calendar on GClassroom earlier in the week).

DEADLINES & REMINDERS: Next MG Target is MARK #2 due 4/25 – with 13-17 pages complete (contract A). Keep working in the same doc and when you reach this target, change the document name from Mark #1 to Mark #2.

+ Preparing for your conferring time: pre-conference questionnaire (on GClassroom & in your Dropbox draft folder).

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