Rhetoric & Comp – Friday, March 5th

OFFICE HOURS:  Stop in the zoom between 7:20 & 11:20 am (when you aren’t supposed to be in another call) if you have questions or need assistance. (I do have a meeting at 10:40 for likely about 15 minutes; so if you stop then, you may have to wait.)

TO CHECK-IN:  Watch the quick video on GClassroom (“A Message About Your Citations”) and then take the MLA Citation: Survey for Understanding.

READ: Your BOOK CLUB book 🙂


  • Target #3 for BOOK CLUB – Monday 3/8 (finish the book!) & prepare Notebook Page #3 for class 3/8 (3/10 for 4th hour ONLY)
  • Memory Book Short #3 window closes TODAY Friday 3/5 – Be sure this paper is uploaded/created in your submissions folder within the sub-folder “MEMORY BOOK SHORTS”

UPCOMING:  Next week we’ll finish practicing critical lit through sociological lenses, finish our BOOK CLUB reads, and get started on our critical lit / book club papers.

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