Rhetoric & Comp – Tuesday, March 2nd / Thursday, March 4th

WRITE:  Quickwrite #14 – Watch the animated short “Hair Love” and consider how you might view it from a Post-Colonial/Multicultural/Critical Race lens. Spend 3 minutes thinking on the page in your writer’s notebook.

STUDY:  Thinking about how Post-Colonial/Multicultural/Race Theory operates, take a closer look with Crash Course Sociology’s look at W.E.B. DuBois & Race Conflict

VIDEO EXTRA: Farish Ahmad-Noor’s TEd Talk ” Why is Colonialism (Still) Romanticized?” for perspective on why these stories persist.

RESEARCH STUDY:  As part of English 102 / Rhetoric & Composition II – an overview of how to access & search an academic database. Video tutorial on the GClassroom stream later today.   Use your SWIC access and try it out.  And check out these tips for better searches:  Boolean Search Tips from LinkedIn

CREATE/SHARE:  Breakout (for whoever is in the same hour w/ the same books) Rooms & Padlet Board creation for BOOK CLUB reads.  Use your Notebook Page #2 to create post-its and to comment on/like the post-its of classmates.  Build together, discuss together, what makes this book tick?  What surprised you? Work within the confines of the second target – no spoilers.  (Same link & password for your padlet board as last week. Be sure to SIGN IN to Padlet so your name appears on your posts & commentary).

You can also link here:


  • Memory Book Short #3 window is now open.  Due in Dropbox no later than end of day Friday 3/5 (that’s THIS Friday)
  • Target #3 for BOOK CLUB – Monday 3/8 (end of book!!!) & prepare Notebook Page #3 for class 3/8 (3/10 for 4th hour ONLY)

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