Rhetoric & Comp – Monday, February 1st / Wednesday, February 3rd

WRITE:  Quickwrite #8

RECAP: ▶️ “Research is a Conversation” by UNLV Libraries – click ▶️to watch

STUDY:  Works Cited Overview & Purdue OWL / Citation Machine Tutorial (on today’s GClassroom stream)

STUDY/CREATE/SHARE:  A look at the WRITE CLUB data from last semester.  Analysis as a class on padlet – 🔗 link HERE 🔗


  • First Memory Book Short – due in Dropbox as assigned no later than Friday, February 5th
  • Cited Commentary & Response – due no later than end of day Sunday, February 7th (in Dropbox & read in Flipgrid – details later this week)

UPCOMING: Example of cited commentary paper & new WRITE CLUB groups.

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