Rhetoric & Comp – Tuesday, January 19th / Wednesday, January 20th

Update Padlet (as we’ll do the first day of class each week & also on Fridays this semester).

READ:  Book talk.

WRITE: Quickwrite #5 – watch the video clip and write “Whatever Makes You Curious”

CREATE/PRACTICE: Read an essay and practice 4-part notes (in our writer’s notebooks as 4Part#3)  *If you missed class, choose any one of the 4 articles below and complete a practice notepage after reading it.

I’ve Talked with Teenage Boys – Laurie Halse Anderson PDF

My Month Without the Internet – Diana Wagman PDF

Split Image – Kate Fagan PDF

The Boys Are Not All Right – Michael Ian Black PDF

STUDY:  Return to the “Citations Practice Page” in your notebook and we’ll practice citing both a regular quote and quoting something quoted..

PAST DUE:  Student Booktalks – BookTalk Notebook-Flipgrid Assignment  due no later than end of day Monday 1/18 & watch the MLA basics video posted on GClassroom last week

DEADLINE/ASSIGN: Intro to Memory Book 8a semester 2021. Note the schedule for MB Shorts (4 short chapters all done before Spring Break with their own target dates). Final digital memory book due no later than May 9th.

UPCOMING:  Book pass & Book trailers end of week and thinking about research as a conversation next week.

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