Rhetoric & Comp – Thursday, December 10th

Quickwrite #27 – Thoughts and Notices about Independent Reading (check your posts on the padlet board and then reflect) + take time to update your “upside down” (what you’ve read, etc.)

PORTFOLIO & NOTEBOOK TOUR WORK:  Sharing an example letter & then time to work, ask questions, get help, etc.  You can find the details on these on Tuesday’s post & at under the Writing Assignments tab. Also find them explained on the videos from the GClassroom stream from Tuesday.

Portfolio IntroLetter Example 2020

Portfolio Abstract Formatting Example

NEW VIDEO:  MLA format overview & common mistakes (posted on GClassroom yesterday – less than a 5 minute watch)


  • NOTEBOOK TOUR due by end of day Friday 12/11
  • FALL PORTFOLIO due by end of day Sunday 12/13
  • GRADE PITCH due Sunday 12/13 or Monday 12/14 (Topic will be posted in Flipgrid on Sunday – Finish your portfolio before pitching your grade).

REMINDERS & PAST DUE:  Don’t forget it’s not too late to complete writing that you skipped earlier in the semester.  Check out the page tabs at the top of the website to find RHETORIC & COMP – WRITING ASSIGNMENTS & RHETORIC & COMP – NOTEBOOK CHECKLIST. 

UPCOMING:  Friday OFFICE HOURS aka GET STUFF DONE. There will be a check-in question on the GClassroom & Mrs. C will be in the zoom all day to answer questions, provide assistance, etc.


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