Rhetoric & Comp – Tuesday, November 17th

Visit the SIGN IT! padlet board and add your name as a comment on the appropriate post-it to indicated how many books you’ve read so far this semester.

WRITE:  Quickwrite #21 – Watch the video below and repsond/react/think in your notebook for 3 minutes.

WATCH/THINK:  For a closer look at how rap operates (within beats, across bars, with rhyme, etc.) check out the video below.

ASSIGNMENT/DEADLINE:    RAP Lyric Annotation due no later than classtime Thursday 11/19  (time in class for starting & questions)

PAST DUE:  Digital Submission #2 w/ audio (was due 11/15 see past posts for details)

ONGOING:  Consider how you will use your feedback & commentary to revise your existing papers.

UPCOMING:  We’ll take these annotations and write rhetorical analyses.


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