MC Lit / English 5 – Monday, November 16th

Visit the SIGN IT! padlet board and add your name as a comment on the appropriate post-it to indicated how many books you’ve read so far this semester.  YES, your books read for this course count! (as well as your independent reading).

WRITE:  Quickwrite #15 – watch the video 6 Photographers/1 Man below and then spend 3 minutes writing in response/commentary/thinking.

READ:  Read Aloud A Different Pond  by Bao Phi

NOTEBOOK:  Quickwrite #16 / notes – make notes while watching or respond after watching the New York TImes interviews below

READ:  “What Did My Mother the Chemist See in Betty Crocker – Celeste Ng


  • Writing 5 (the rap annotation) was due 11/15 (you can still add it to your Dropbox)
  • FINAL DAY to give Mrs. C requests for BOOK CLUB #2 – starts Wednesday!!

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