MC Lit / English 5 – Wednesday, September 23rd

BEFORE class – sign into the padlet board and post a new reading post-it.  Include what you are reading, the page # of your progress & the date 9/23.  Keep doing this each class day as a check-in.

STAGGERED ZOOMS TODAY!  Check your time on GClassroom  – based on the novel you are reading for the Big Group Read.

WRITE:  Quickwrite #6 “Take a Knee” by Kwame Alexander CLICK THE LINK BELOW TO WATCH THE VIDEO (I put in a request to clear it, but you might have to watch on another device)…

Kwame Alexander: Take a knee

READ:  At your Zoom meet, we’ll read further (from today’s target) w/ author-read audio.

DEADLINE: Work to stay on target for your Big Group Read (use the schedules posted in GClassroom stream)

PAST DUE:  WRITING 2 was due 9/20. Get on it.

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