Rhetoric & Comp – Tuesday, September 22nd

BEFORE class – sign into the padlet board and post a new reading post-it.  Include what you are reading, the page # of your progress & the date 9/22.  Start doing this each class day as a check-in.

Intro & “Rules” of WRITE CLUB.

Some WRITE CLUBS will stay and work through the college app essay in small groups.  Other WRITE CLUBS will work this same process on Thursday.

Watch the video below:

Quick Assignment:  Using the ENVELOPE template attached to the GClassroom stream as an example, create your own slide/envelope and address it TO yourself at your home address and FROM the school (3148 Fehling Rd.).  Save it in your own Drive as LastnameEnvelope and send it to Mrs. C as an GSlide attachment or a PDF.  The subject line of your email needs to be ENVELOPE.

TO DO:  One more video. . . (which you might have to watch on another device? – I’m working on it)

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