MC Lit / English 5 – Wednesday, August 26th

Zoom today at your classtime.  Link in Google Classroom.

  • Hour 1 – 9:00am
  • Hour 2 – 10:30am
  • Hour 3 – 12:30pm

New (set-up) Assignments – Check-out these platforms we’ll be using this semester.  HERE’S HOW:

✅  Flipgrid: Click the Flipgrid link on the website.  Use the join code mceng5 (this will always be the code for your course – write it down somewhere).  Go to the topic “Online Platform Tutorials & Set-Up.” Watch the Flipgrid “How-To” video.

✅  Assignment:  In Flipgrid – go back to topics and Choose “Class Introductions.”  Read the directions and add your response.  If you are confused, rewatch the “How-To” video.

✅  Padlet:  In the Flipgrid “Tutorials” topic, watch the video for “Padlet overview.”  Click the link on this website for Padlet for “Indie Read Check-In MC LIT/ENG 5.”  You’ll need a code to post there.  It is mceng5 (same as the flipgrid join code).  Once you enter the code, click SIGN UP (top right) and choose the G bar to sign in w/ Google (this will connect your email name with your posts).

✅  Assigment: In Padlet – scroll to the right until you find YOU and click the + to add a post-it.  Share one of your favorite books here by typing “FAVE BOOK: and then the title” add the date 8/26.

Dropbox:  In the Flipgrid “Tutorials” topic, watch the video for Dropbox set-up.  It is NOT as detailed as the directions in the “Dropbox Set-Up” tab on this website.  Get a free Dropbox account using your school Google account.

✅  Assignment: In Dropbox – USE the set-up directions (on the website tab) and create & share the folders needed.  For this course, there will be 3 – drafts, submissions, & digital notebook. Follow the directions EXACTLY.

Attempt to finish these items TODAY if possible – However, the DEADLINE for them is end of day Sunday, August 30th (that means by 11:59 pm).  You can email me with questions or problems or ask questions in Friday’s quick zoom/office hours.


  • Parent/Grown-Up/Caregiver options zoom meeting this evening at 6:30pm – have them email Mrs. C for the invitation.
  • Fill out the interest survey (only if you haven’t yet).
  • Explore the website (if you haven’t yet).

YES.  We will meet on Friday.  Hour 1 – 9:00am, Hour 2 – 9:45am, Hour 3 – 10:30am.  Check Classroom for the link.

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