Rhetoric & Comp (Eng 7A) – Tuesday, August 25th

Welcome!  Most of today’s details were on Google classroom, but start each class day by checking here for what’s up.

Here are your getting started tasks for today:

✅ Check out the syllabus (at the tab above if you didn’t pull it from Google classroom) – see what class will be about

✅ Take the survey from last week’s Classroom post (if you haven’t already)

✅ Explore this website (this will be homebase)

✅ Apply to SWIC. There’s a link on the website here.  Slides w/ directions are on Google classroom today (you’ll need your ss#). It will take 2 – 3 days to get your ID#. Once you have it, email it to Mrs. C.

* If you already have a SWIC ID# (you’ve taken DC already) email it to Mrs. C.

Expect more instructions on getting things going on Thurssday – and probably a real-time video meet via zoom or Google meets.

For a more detailed welcome, check out the letter linked below:

English 7A Welcome Letter Zoom Invite

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