English 8 – Wednesday, May 6th

Quickwrite #30:  Watch the video below and use the song (or video) as inspiration for writing.  If you could “go back,” what would you do over?

Multi-Genre:  I’ll be working through folders today and updating scores and such.  Also, check out the video under MG Reflection in the e8mg20 Flipgrid.  It’s the closing remarks, so to speak, about this project.  The work you’ve done is really amazing – check out the Presentation videos while you are in Flipgrid (and… maybe post your presentation if you haven’t already – I’ll be checking those off in Skyward soon).

Deadline: (REPOST) LAST/SENIOR PROJECT – info on the Seniors Write! portfolio style project (remote learning style).  See the handout here SENIORSWRITEeng8 *or on the SPRING2020 tab above and watch a video talk through with flipcode e8mg20 (check the new topic Seniors Write!). This project is due no later than the end of day Tuesday 5/12. (Basically, you write 4 short papers about yourself – one a day and you’re done in four days – or all at once.  Either way, there’s not much left after that). There are tutorials on the Flipgrid about how to make new folder (if you’ve forgotten) and what your SENIORSWRITE2020 folder should look like when it is complete.  Check them out.

Upcoming: Last survey of the year (it’s an important one), a few things to help you on your way, options to earn extra credit for your quickwrites.


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