Rhetoric & Comp – Wednesday, April 8th

IMPORTANT:  IF you haven’t yet read Monday’s post titled BIG CHANGES! to see how it can make your school work easier (or more worth your time), please do so!  There are videos on the rcmg20 Flipgrid to help you navigate these new sheets.

TO BE CLEAR:  If you want an A for SWIC (to maintain the one you have OR to raise your grade) complete the original version (13 – 17 pages w/ 10 required bullet points) of the MG project (in the March 16th post).  If you just want to maintain your GCHS grade (and you don’t mind a B or lower for your SWIC grade, you can complete the new version (10 pages w/ 7 bullet points) found on yesterday’s BIG CHANGES post.  Either way I expect quality work & the nes schedule is for EVERYONE.

ALSO: IF you have yet to get started on pretty much anything, expect an email today that will take you back to step one and help you get caught up.

  1. Indie read – 15 to 20 🙂
  2. Quickwrite #39:  Using your MG topic as inspiration, let’s play with genre in our notebooks.  Create either a news-style article (real or fictional – who, what, when, where, why) or a dialogue between two characters (real or fictional) (if you run out of ideas for one genre, try the others).
  3. BIG CHANGES – See the separate posts and/or Flipgrid videos at flipcode rcmg20 (MGoverview section) to see how these changes benefit YOU!
  4. If you have about 6 pages of your MG written, it’s time to get some WC group feedback.  There’s a new Flipgrid topic in your group Flipgrid titled “MARK#1.” It’s there as a place to share your work.  FG recently added a screencast option, so you can put your paper on the screen as you talk through it instead of your face if you want.  OR members can still open your document in Dropbox and look at it there.  Notes on WC groups:  If your group prefers another way to meet with each other (like you want to just skype or three-way call or whatever) that’s cool.  Also, if NO one in your group is repsonsive and you want new people to connect with, I can make that happen and you can even request each other if you want.  And finally, if you want to use FG but don’t know your group flipcode, reach out and I can send it to you again.
  5. Don’t give up.  Keep working at whatever step you are on. You can still make up anything you are missing.


  • Share your progress w/ your WC group in the next couple of days
  • If you are on-track or working ahead, your next target is to have a complete draft by MONDAY 4/13 (basically, you have a week to add on the rest).


  • Your MGIdeas & MGDesigns have some feedback – check it out by opening your doc in MSWord (I’ll be rechecking folders for progress today)
  • VIRTUAL OFFICE HOURS again tomorrow from 10 – 12.  It’s been so good to see you!  Stop by to ask questions, get feedback, or just check-in. 🙂 (Use the same invite in your email last week – if you need a new one, let me know)
  • BookTalk! There are some good ones posted (and I’m about to check who has booktalked to show complete in Skyward)
  • A total of 4 Memory Book one-pagers should be in a sub-folder in your Dropbox submissions folder.  (These are just hanging out waiting for Memory Book work in May. But if you haven’t written them, this would be a great time to do so.)  The Skyward checkmark is if you have ALL four in your SUBMISSIONS folder.

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