English 8 – Wednesday, April 1st

  1. Indie read – the usual 15 to 20 – everyday!
  2. Quickwrite* #24:  Using one of your MG topic possibilities as inspiration, let’s play with genre in our notebooks.  Create either a set of how-to instructions or a a list of originally created dictionary definitons (terms related to your topic with YOUR OWN definitions) (if you run out of ideas for one genre, try the others). *A new video will be available this afternoon at the e8mg20 Flipgrid that talks through how these quickwrites work and what they are “for” – check it out if you need clarification on what you should be doing here.
  3. After you submit your design via Dropbox drafts folder(TODAY), hit up your GROUP Flipgrid (check the code from your email if you forgot it – or email me, I’ll send it to you again) and talk through your design there in the new topic “Designs for Research” – I’ll create that topic in the next hour or so.  THIS IS WHERE SEEING & HEARING ABOUT YOUR WC GROUP MEMBERS’ DESIGNS WILL HELP YOU MAKE YOURS BETTER (or know if you did it “right” or whatever).
  4. Do any things you have not yet done from the previous days.  (Make the distance learning survey a priority please – I need to hear back from everyone.  Text/Msg your friends/classmates/WC peeps.)


  • MGDesign due no later than end of day Wednesday 4/1– That’s TODAY!  (See directions on Monday’s post & a template in Dropbox)
  • Check in in your WC Group Flipgrid to share your MGDesign


  • VIRTUAL OFFICE HOURS again tomorrow from 10 – 12.  It was so good to see some of you yesterday!  Stop by to ask questions, get feedback, or just check-in. 🙂 (Use the same invite from Tuesday – I emailed it to your school email earlier this week)
  • BookTalk!

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