Virtual Office Hours – ALL CLASSES

Seniors –
In an effort to be able to address questions, concerns, just to check-in, or whatever, I’m inviting you to participate in office hours via zoom every Tuesday &/or Thursday from 10am to 12pm.  You don’t have to be there at 10 (and Heath’s chem classes should make chem a 10am priority) and you can join anytime until noon each day.  You also are NOT required to check into office hours right now (this might change when we get to the one-on-one MG conferencing).  And you are still welcome to post questions and ask for help via email.  Download zoom to your computer and/or phone and use the link sent to your school email to sign in during hours.  NOTE:  you don’t have to use the video if you just want to use audio that’s fine, too – zoom lets you choose a background or turn the video off if you’d like.  IF documents you want me to look at are in shared Dropbox folders that would be helpful so I can access them easily.
I look forward to “seeing” some of you soon.  I miss your faces.
-Mrs. C = )
P.S. If you don’t receive the code via school email, email me from your other email and I’ll send you the link.  I won’t post the link here to avoid spammers & hackers.

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