English 8 – Thursday, March 19th

First and foremost, take care of yourselves.  Note that social distancing means staying home (mostly) and not really interacting in person, face to face, with friends.  I don’t like to be the person to say it, but this is NOT Spring Break.  If you have questions, concerns, or comments, be sure to send me an email and I’ll see how I can help.

  1. Indie read (Yep, again.  Make this a 15 to 20 minute – or more – part of your routine.)
  2. Quickwrite/Notebook: #18 – do the last set of inventory questions.  You can answer them right on the page (or if you missed on Monday, find them here QW interest prompt DAY3 as PDF)
  3. Today, we are going to read an excerpt from Tom Romano’s book Fearless Writing – Chapter 17: Crafting Narrative. (If you are in 3rd hour, I forgot to hand this out – so find it here Crafting Narrative – Romano.  If you’d like to read along (or listen instead, audio-book style), go to Flipgrid & use flipcode e8mg20 to find the grid for distance learning and listen to me read the chapter there (you’ll find it in the MG Overview topic).
  4. Check out more example papers*.  You can look by yourself at the PDF here: SchaeferFINALMG PryorFINALMG HutsonFINALMG OR  You can watch the screencast video where I talk you through what’s going on in the paper also on the Flipgrid.  Check them out!

PLEASE take a look at these papers so you are not confused as to what multi-genre can be, how it can look, and where you might take it.  This thinking will help you as you begin to develop your own topic possibilities. *Note that these papers do not specifically fit your criteria (they are just about getting a feel for multi-genre).


English 8: DRAFT#3 was due Monday “teacher-ready” and we wrote DRAFT#4 in class last Friday.  Finish up either as needed ASAP.  If the lack of papers in your draft folder is affecting your course grade, get them done, email me to let me know, and I can make adjustments.  SPECIAL NOTE FOR ENGLISH 8:  If for any reason you have trouble using MSWord and need to type documents in Google docs, that’s fine for now – just make it happen.  If Dropbox won’t let you upload Googledocs then just email them to me and I’ll figure it out.

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