Rhetoric & Comp – Thursday, October 11th

Book talk x 2 & Indie read. Everything’s an Argument – finish chapter 1 notes & discussion. Notebook checklists. Lab time.

Deadlines: notebooks collected Friday 10/12 (no exceptions) *If you are in 7th hour and haven’t turned in a notebook – be sure to stop by on Friday!



  • Submission #1 should be in your _______’s Submissions folder (that you share with Mrs. C). The document should be named according to protocol on the digital submission sheet.
  • Blogpost #2 should be on the class website already. Make sure it is in the correct category, it has an original title, and your first name last initial is at the bottom of your post. If any of these things are “off,” be sure to leave a comment.
  • You can still improve your college letter score by revising and turning it in again.

Upcoming: Next WRITE CLUB will be Wednesday, October 17th. Bring/upload a NEW paper, either MB or QW. (If you’ve written two of the same type, it’s time to switch it up).

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