MCL&R – Wednesday, October 10th

Book talks x 2 & Indie read.  Quickwrite #16: Excerpt from The First Part Last by Angela Johnson.  Lyric annotation practice/demo w/ Eminem’s “Love the Way You Lie.”

Tomorrow:  Lab time for finalizing revisions to paper #1 (quickwrite expansion) & finding song lyrics for annotating in class on Friday.  (If you need Mrs. C to print your lyrics, please email them as a Word or Google doc BEFORE class time on Friday).


  • Paper #1 (quickwrite expansion) will be due in teacher-ready form in class on Friday.
  • Think about what rap lyrics (or other text-rich lyrics) you will dissect for the rhetoric of rap paper.  Bring those lyrics to class on Friday!  *if you choose a non-rap song, you have to get it approved by Mrs. C = )
  • New book club after P/T Conferences – week of Oct 22 – 26.  Book talks, selection, info & ordering later this week.

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