MC Lit & Rhetoric – Tuesday, November 14th

Student book talk & Indie read.  Social Justice – what is it?  SOCIAL JUSTICE ppt slides Watch:  What Is Justice?: Crash Course Philosophy #40 Notebook Listing:  as a class we listed as many social justice issues as we could think of.  Intro to multi-genre concept – Tom Romano explains Multi-genre


  • Paper#3 – “teacher-ready” due by end of TODAY (Use Paper#3 in the saved document title.)
  • Quotable mentions last names H – O – Nov. 13 – Nov. 21
  • Book talks (with blogpost) by sign-up starting Oct. 30
  • Paper #2 optional revisions due by end of Mon. 11/20 (Make sure Revised is in the doc title & return the original paper copy to Mrs. C)

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